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web and digital media

Websites and Online Social Media

A corporate website is the central hub for all your communication, market awareness, reaching audience and growth of businesses. As the technology has progressed over the years, it has yielded new tools to be used in conjunction with the web. Taking advantage of these resources and holding true to current and effective web practices, iPROMO4 is customized to meet your needs.

  • Website designing and development, with domain and hosting solutions
  • Website Google Analytics, SEO solutions and optimization
  • Developing online social media platforms
  • Videos, Photos and Digital Media

    Today, corporate videos and documentaries play a very crucial role in the success of businesses; to communicate with clients, train employees, or announce new products and product updates.

    The digital team working with iPROMO4 is capable of delivering such products that are interesting enough to capture the attention of viewers for the entirety of the media. What iPROMO4 can offer is:

  • Interactive corporate presentations
  • Product or service oriented interactive rich media
  • Video coverage with editing and production